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Logo Design

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Logos matter. there is no other way to say it. When we think about our favourite brands what do we think of first.. their logo. That's not by chance, it's by design.

The primary purpose of your logo is to identify your brand, your products and your business. Seems a bit simple? that's because it is. There are a lot of people who want to dress it up, make it something more.. make it more.. (in a word) expensive, but if your brand was a person then your logo would be it's smile.

Our outlook on logos is that they should be simple, clear and relateable they don't need to have any hidden meanings, in fact if you have to explain your logo we think it's lost a bit of it's purpose. Think of some of the most iconic logos in the world, do they need a youtube video or page of copy to add context...nope, they just work, in this case - less is more

The thing is, that's tough. To create a custom logo (we never use templates or fixed elements) to be the smile of your brand, keeping it simple, concise and noticeable. The good news is our design team are experts at just that.

Our services start with logo design, including 5 file types.
JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS and PSD or Ai for all of the uses you will put it to. Web branding, print or signage you're covered. We also keep your logo files for 2yrs on our server absolutely free of charge. You can also add additional services like a USB copy sent to you and a brand standards e-document all for a small additional charge each.

Every customer who has a logo designed by us gets a 10% discount code from every purchase for 12 months, once you've got your logo, we want you to get the most from it.

How can we do for this price what others charge hundreds or even thoudands of pounds for, we don't outsource, we have a team of fully qualified graphic designers in-house who are being paid, drinking the office tea and eating the biscuits (yep, that's right we provide our team biscuits) so we'd rather they were designing your logo rather than watching cats on youtube, that is when they're not making awesome mug artwork or amazing embrodiery designs for customers.

Ordering from us? You're in good company.